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Why my printer is not printing? Printer Tips

There could be multiple possibilities when your printer stops working as mentioned below

  • 1. If the printer has recently stopped printing, you might want to check the cartradges (inks) level in the printer.
  •  2. There is a possibility that the printer connection with the device that you are using to give the command may have lost connectivity.
  • 3. If the printer is connected with the computer/laptop with the wire, you might want to look for the physical wire connections including the power connection.

These are some of the very basic things that you should check if your is not printing. Though, there could be other reason like the ink cartridges are not set up correctly or the ink may have been empty.

Also, for printer drivers, here are some of the driver download links:

For hp printer driver, you just have to put in the windows/mac operating system versions and get the drivers for your printer.

For brother printer drivers:

For canon printer drivers:

For more information, you can contact our support representative via chat or can call us on 870-484-4525.

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The usual causes for a machine not printing are usually straightforward. Please perform the following checks:

1.1 CHECK THAT IT IS ON: Yes, don’t look at me like that, it won’t be the first time. The printer should have a switch to turn it on somewhere. If you don’t have it, you will have a power cord that will need to remain connected to both the printer and the outlet. If you don’t have a cable, you will need one.


1.2 CHECK THAT YOU HAVE PAPER: It often happens that without paper printers are worse. If your printer has more than one tray to put paper, the printer will indicate on the display (the little screen) in which of them you have to put a block of pages.

1.3 CHECK THAT YOU HAVE ALL THE CABLES CONNECTED: Every printer has a minimum of two cables attached. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you get loose. That is bad luck, but go, they come loose and you have to put them in their place. If the printer is connected to your computer, check both ends of the cable, please.

1.4 MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SENT THE JOB THROUGH THE CORRECT PRINTER: Hey, anyone loses the clamp and sends for the X printer and waits at the Y printer for it to come out.

1.5 CHECK THAT THE PRINTER IS READY: If the printer is ready, it will indicate it with a green light with the title “ON LINE” or “READY”. Next to it there is usually a button that turns that little light on or off.


If you have checked all the steps in point 1 (thank you), please follow the recommendations below.

2.1 TURN OFF, WAIT 5 SECONDS AND TURN ON THE PRINTER: Computer scientists always saying the same thing. Let’s see, colleagues. Printers are machines and as such they fail. Turning off and on returns all components to their initial state and almost certainly solves the problem.

printer tray

2.2 RESTART YOUR COMPUTER: But wasn’t it the printer? Effectively. But it turns out that the one that sends the jobs to print is the computer. And since it is also a machine, well that.


3.1 DON’T SEND THE SAME JOB 14 TIMES: Oddly enough, print queues are resource intensive. The more you insist, the worse. This is not like the vacation suitcase, which you squeeze and eventually it comes in. Print jobs are very neat and do not jostle.

3.2 HIT HIM: To hit a printer requires specific training in Therapeutic Violence Against Electronic Devices.


4.1 READ THE MESSAGE THAT THE PRINTER HAS ON THE SCREEN: It is often the case that printers indicate what hurts them. A jam, an empty cartridge, or one that has an open door.

4.2 NOTIFY THE IT DEPARTMENT: We will come quickly to your aid. But please tell us the problem as specifically as possible. If the printer says that a cartridge is missing, tell us, because you cannot see if it bothers to take 2 trips to change a cartridge or not take the tools for a difficult jam.

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