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brother dcp-j1100dw all in box features and advantages

Now is the time. After a more demanding month, you have had to use more of the printer and you have run out of consumables at first. It’s time to find and buy the new cartridges or toner, make the exchange at the printer.

The Brother DCP-J1100DW with All in One wants to put an end to this situation and give you a little peace of mind. It is an ink printer aimed at home users, professionals and small businesses with the addition of high-capacity cartridges.

Not in vain, thanks to them you can enjoy up to three years of printing (at an average of 200 impressions per month) without having to look for spare parts. Quite an operational advantage over other proposals.

In addition, the Brother DCP-1100DW is a very compact device that fits in any corner.

brother dcp-j1100dw

The Printer’s printing is capable of carrying out copying and scanning tasks. It is intended for small businesses that do not have very high printing needs (with a recommended print volume of 1,000 pages per month) but are looking for a versatile device.

This model is available on the market for a price of near about 400 dollar. An initial investment somewhat higher than normal but that will allow you to forget about consumables for a few years. We have had the opportunity to play with this printer in the office for a few weeks, these are our impressions.

It is without a doubt, the main advantage. In the office we do not usually print intensively, but it continues. In the time we’ve had the Brother DCP-1100DW the ink levels in the cartridges have barely dropped, despite being with it for months.

There are other models that have ended up shivering (at the level of consumables) at the end of our test, and that peace of mind of not having to worry about spare parts is greatly appreciated.

The capacity of the black ink cartridge is a maximum of 6,000 printed pages, while the color cartridges (cyan, magenta and yellow) have a capacity of 5,000 prints. In the event that they run out during the useful life of the equipment, you have the option of buying new high-capacity cartridges.

The price of these cartridges is 50 dollars for black (6,000 impressions) and 40 dollars for each of the color cartridges (5,000 impressions).

By the way, when they are about to finish the cartridges they have a tank for 200 impressions. Something like the gas tank of the car, to give you time to order or buy consumables before the printer stops working. By the way, for users who want shorter-lasting consumables or spend less money, there are consumables for 3,000 pages or 1,500 printed pages.

Another advantage of the All in Box pack is that if you register the printer you will enjoy a three-year warranty on the equipment.

A compact printer for any corner

Brother has designed its DCP-J1100DW printer taking into account the particular conditions of a home, SME or the self-employed. That is to say, on many occasions these small companies or professionals have a reduced space in the office.

Thanks to WiFi, you can install this printer in any corner. And light enough to be easy to move at any time (less than nine kilos). The complete dimensions of the equipment are 43 x 34 x 19 centimeters.

Control of the printer interface is carried out through a small 6.8 centimeter touch screen. Despite this reduced size, the presence of very large icons with the most important functions of the equipment make its use quite simple and intuitive.

Also noteworthy is the screen with Brother shortcuts, which we liked so much in previous models. With these shortcuts you can configure different icons to access the options you use most often.

For example, you can configure one of the icons so that a document is automatically scanned to the PC to the folder that you have configured with the push of a button. Or upload a document you’ve scanned to your Dropbox account.

One of the sections that has caught my attention the most is that of the ink levels of the cartridges. The normal thing in these cases is that you have some bars with the remaining amount that more or less allows you to know the number of prints that you lack before changing cartridges. In the case of the Brother DCP-J1100DW, it estimates the number of prints you can make. Quite an advance that can give you a lot of play when it comes to programming the purchase of new consumables.

Another of the strengths of this printer is that despite its size it has copy and scan functions through an automatic document feeder. As for paper handling, we have a main tray with a capacity for a maximum of 150 sheets.

It also includes a manual slot for 1 sheet from which you can manage heavier documents, such as cardboard. The maximum density allowed is 300 grams (220 grams for the normal tray).

Output capacity drops to 50 sheets. The stopper extends when we are printing and can be retracted so that the printer does not take up more when it is not in use.

Personally, I really appreciate that it has a slot to insert the USB stick and work with scanned documents. It is a function that I usually use regularly and there are models that do not have this extra. In addition, it also includes an SD card slot, a very interesting addition if we want to print directly from a camera card. In fact, it incorporates a specific direct access to print photos from one of these two supports in the main screen of the panel.

Personally, I really appreciate that it has a slot to insert the USB stick and work with scanned documents. It is a function that I usually use regularly and there are models that do not have this extra. In addition, it also includes an SD card slot, a very interesting addition if we want to print directly from a camera card. In fact, it incorporates a specific direct access to print photos from one of these two supports in the main screen of the panel.

Average speeds for everyday

Please note that the DCP-J1100DW printer is not designed for very demanding environments. It is more a team for independent professionals and homes that have to print and work with documents on a regular basis but without squeezing it too much.

In those cases there are more specific models of the firm itself, such as the J5000 and J6000 series of multifunctional printers of the firm.

In any case, this model is designed for a monthly cycle of about 1,000 impressions. As for its speed, the official figures are 12 prints per minute in black and white and 10 prints per minute in color.

To save paper, it includes automatic double-sided printing. Of course, the printing speed drops to 3 pages per minute. The maximum resolution of this printer is placed at 6,000 x 1,200 dpi, a remarkable figure to be able to achieve a more defined finish in the photos that we print.

Copy and Scan

The Brother DCP-J1100DW has copy and scan functions. In both cases we can make use of the automatic document feeder, and in scanning the glass can also be used to scan other formats such as ID, cards, cardboard, etc. These functions do not have duplex mode, something to take into account if we want to work with documents that have content on both sides.

Within the copy function, we can work with speeds of up to 6 copies per minute in both color and black and white. The maximum resolution is 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. In the case of scanning, it can convert 12/6 images per minute in mono or color.

By the way, we have a good number of options to take these scans both to the computer and to a cloud service or to the USB stick. It is also compatible with OCR technology so that we can edit the documents that we have scanned directly.

The maximum resolution is 1,200 x 2,400 dpi (in the ADF it is 1,200 x 600 dpi).

Mobile Printing

Brother is one of the companies that has been betting heavily for years on reinforcing its printers with a good variety of services and functions to work from the mobile. At the technology level, it is compatible with both AirPrint (to print from iPhone or iPad) and Mopria (to print from an Android mobile).

It also has its own iPrint&Scan app. What I like the most about this tool is that it allows you to scan the documents that you pass through the ADF directly to the mobile, without having to go through an intermediate medium and also the Brother Print Service Plugin that offers a user experience similar to AirPrint, but for Android devices.

Price and opinions

In short, the Brother DCP-J1100DW is a printer that knows very well what it’s playing and delivers with flying colours. It is intended for households, freelancers and SMEs who need a versatile business printer and understated features. And that, in addition, they want to forget about having to worry about changing the cartridges every so often.

Its long-lasting cartridges promise to extend this change for a long time, even for three years if the equipment is used as standard. That is, an average of 200 impressions per month. In our case, we have been very grateful not to have to worry about the moment when the cartridges run out and after months the ink levels are still high.

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