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HP printers: problems and errors you can fix yourself

If your HP printer is causing you problems, we have very good news for you. Not every mistake means that your printer belongs in the hands of a manufacturer’s service technician or independent repairer to get it printing again. Often times, errors in HP printers are caused by little things that you can quickly get to grips with with our following printer tips.

Before going through each of the tips for various printer problems with your HP device, please make sure your printer is getting power.

Printer problem

Tip 1: HP printers seem to have problems with Office

Are you wondering why we speak of “apparent” problems? The reason is very simple: When printing jobs from Office programs, many users simply click the “Print” button too quickly. You always have to wait there until Office has checked that the printer is operational.

A green tick then appears next to the printer you selected. The “Print” button is only activated when the check mark is displayed.

If you click beforehand, the Office programs will not pass the print job on to the operating system’s print service and your (HP) printer seems to be causing printer problems.

Of course, the described Office problem occurs with devices from all printer manufacturers.

Tip 2: The fault with the HP printer lies in your selection

Do you operate on your computer

multiple local printers or
can also access network printers?

Then it could be that your printer selection was not correct and you gave your operating system the command to send the print job to the wrong printer. Before you continue troubleshooting, check to see if one of the other printers on the network has printed out your desired documents.

If you have selected the printer you want, but it does not print, delete the print job in the device manager of the control panel and start it again after activating the correct HP printer.

That is how it goes:

Click the “Start” button.
Click on “Devices and Printers”.
Click the printer icon. You come to the printer queue.
There you will find the counted print jobs, e.g. B. “2 print jobs”. Click on it.
Click with the right mouse button on the desired print job and select “Cancel” and confirm.

Reset print queue

Tip 3: The print job is stuck in the print queue

When your HP printer is having problems, you can often find the cause with print jobs stopped in the print queue. You should especially keep this in mind if your HP printer has also been shared with other users on a network. Another user may have submitted a faulty print job that the printer could not print. Your print job will then also remain in the queue as long as incorrect print jobs have not been deleted.

Such print jobs can be deleted via the device manager of the system settings. Please note that you may have to perform this process (depending on the network configuration) on the host computer responsible for the network printer instead of on your computer.

If it is not a print job that you have placed, the person concerned will be happy to hear that you had to remove their print file from the print queue.

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