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Playstation 5: The next generation of gaming

Sony’s Playstation 5 heralds the future of gaming – with strong hardware and a new type of controller. But the PS5 is not completely convincing.


Heise has been online with the next generation of games for two weeks: Tests with the Playstation 5 show a powerful game console with an outstanding gamepad.

The PS5 overshadows its predecessors primarily with a massive increase in performance, as our detailed test report of the PS5 on heise + shows. The SSD in particular pays off straight away: Menus and switching between apps and games become faster, loading times shorter.

Both variants of the PS5 – the 500-euro version differs from the 400-euro version only in that it has a built-in Blu-ray drive – come with a built-in NVMe SSD. She especially shows off games that Sony has optimized for the new architecture.

Astro’s Playroom and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales plays the Playstation 5 without noticeable loading times, while Miles Morales on the PS4 has to stare at a classic loading screen for around 20 seconds.


But other games still need a while on the PS5: The loading time of Red Dead Redemption 2 drops from about one minute (PS4) to 40 seconds (PS5), heise online also found similar values for The Last of Us Part 2. A function with which you can quickly switch back and forth between different games without losing game progress is missing, however. Another problem: only 695 GB of the 825 GB SSD can be used for games.

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